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We are not normally matchy-matchy people. The visors were a total accident.


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We are “those people”. Back in the day when I was a freshman at the University of Georgia, tailgating on campus was still legal without a permit and every home game weekend the onslaught of RVs, trucks & trailers from the ‘burbs and beyond would descend upon the Classic City or rather, our dorm areas. We (being ignorant freshman) would ruthlessly make fun of them and all of their gaudy gear…you know, “those people” are here again! Those people ranged from alumni, random fans, current students, families etc…but mainly we just thought they were old and weird.


We are now those people, and we embrace it. I met Mr. T at a football event and soon after, he introduced me to his band of tailgating brethren. Wow, how eye-opening it has been! From TVs to blenders to games to overall debauchery, I discovered how fun Saturdays and Sundays in the Fall can be. And concerts in the Summer! Who knew you could basically make a tailgate out of every event.

We are friends to all and friends of all teams are always welcome to our tailgates.

Thanks for stopping by. As someone who is usually scouring the web for tailgate ideas and tailgating inspiration, I hope we can provide a few of our own.

This blog is for us. And all of those people.




4 Responses to “About Us”
  1. Mark Macey

    Amy & Travis,

    Thanks for the hospitality once more. You guys sure know how to do it right. Hope to see you in the coming years for more Dawg games. Good luck next week at South Carolina and rest of season.

    Mark Macey
    (The Pitt fan)

  2. aimee

    Thanks Mark! It was good to see everyone again and I’m so glad y’all had a great time. Keep in touch and share some of your tailgate stories with us as a guest blogger! Shoot me an email – aimee (at) thetailgatist (dot) com

  3. Roddy Alexander

    Hi, my name is Roddy Alexander. I’m a graduate of Texas A&M. We’ve been looking for a tv stand to use at our tailgates and came across yours. Did y’all make it yourself of did y’all buy it somewhere? I can’t find anything like it but it looks like it ‘a a great one. If you can help me with any information about it, I would greatly appreciate it!


    Roddy Alexander

    • aimee

      My apologies for the delay in response, I took a sabbatical from the blog and just now catching up. This TV stand was made by my husband and his father with lightweight bent aluminum and tubular aluminum for leg supports. All the pieces were assembled to form the singular unit each week/tailgate with cotter pins, it became cumbersome. We’ve since switched to an easier set-up for TVs – combining this stand found here: http://www.amazon.com/Gator-Frameworks-Deluxe-Adjustable-LiftEEZ/dp/B00BMFNDIS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420241409&sr=8-1&keywords=gator+frameworks+TV with attachable shelves to hold the directTV boxes. Also purchased on amazon but my husband doesn’t remember the name. The new stands don’t require 2-3 people to set up every game! We now use these 2 stands and they make life much easier. Again, so sorry for the delay in response! Hope this helps.

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